Fabric of The Week 10 – Ditzy Flowers 1

Fabric of The Week

We came across this fab fabric project and knew we wanted to try it! http://emmalinebags.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/how-to-make-key-fob-lip-balm-holder.html


This fabric was perfect because a) it is so pretty and b) we only had a small amount and so it had to be a small project! We adapted the pattern from the link above, mainly to suit our sewing style and the fact that we had different keyrings than the ones above.

Here is how we made it.


It was an enjoyable challenge because you were working with small pieces of fabric so that meant that there was little wastage and it is always good to get your brain thinking when crafting! The fiddly nature of the project was also the most challenging aspect of this craft!

Here are the finished products – all available to buy from our Folksy shop!



Fabric of The Week 1 – Silk Scarf

Fabric of The Week

Here is part one of our new weekly feature – Fabric of the Week! Each week we will feature a different fabric and show you a craft that we have made from it. This feature has mainly been inspired by our massive fabric stash and the need to actually stop staring at it and saying “It’s so pretty” and make something from the fabric! (then, and only then, can we buy more!)

So the first fabric is this gorgeous vintage silk scarf. It features these lush and large flowers that really pop out of the orange background. We love silk scarfs but don’t really wear them – I know for a fact that I am not chic enough for a head scarf and my experiments with wearing a scarf round my neck just makes me look like I have mumps. So this project allows us to buy beatiful scarfs and make something a) practical and b) lovely — Shopping bags! 

The bags themselves are easy to make and very easy to use – I have one of my own and always get comments when I use it – and who doesn’t love a compliment when out shopping! The best festure is the wee pocket at the top of the bag which means you can fold it up and shove it in your bag for next time!

So there you go – our first fabric of the week! Vintage, upcylced craftiness which helps you to stop using plastic bags!