Fabric of The Week; Jewellery Roll

Fabric of The Week

You know that we both love nothing more than upcyling a hidden treasure found in a charity shop and this week’s fabric of the week is a prime example of that. This was a size ten top – which was a good thing because it meant it definitely would not end up in one of our wardrobes – and we both fell in love with the gorgeous colour and pattern

It is May at last and with the daffodils dancing in the breeze and some hints of sunshine thoughts always turn to holiday weekends and going away. This project was inspired by the question – “just how to store all your jewellery when travelling.” This tropical bird design and bold colour combinations just seemed like the perfect pattern for a roll that is an easy and fun way to store all your holiday jewellery!

jewelery roll 1

This jewellery roll is a combination of many ideas we found on Pinterest. All the good ideas rolled into one if you pardon the pun.

1 large pocket for that chunky jewellery.

2 smaller pockets or strictly speaking 1 large pocket divided into two for the smaller items

And the ‘pies de resistance’  the bar that holds both rings and pierced earrings the little things that can get lost.

Also to wrap it all up two brightly coloured ties to match the pink binding that binds it all together.

So there you have it; fun, colourful and practical – what more could you ask for?

Fabric of The Week – Stork

Fabric of The Week

This weeks fabric of the week has a very sentimental attachment. Not only is it upcycled from one of Lane’s favourite dresses ever (had to be upcycled cos it got ripped) it was also the first fabric we used when we decided to set up Givielane and used it as part of a diary cover.

2017-12-19 10.17.18

Our lovely Stork is meant as a gift for a new arrival, to be hung in the nursery. Givie has made a lot of these as a unique gift personalising them with the baby’s name. The name is embrodiered on using a Brother sewing machine.

We particularly love the dangly legs with the big felt feet and that dotty beak. ALthough the patter and colours may not be what we traditionally associate with a nursery there is something clean and fresh about the flowers and the colours are bold and appealing

We thought this was a particularly relevant make for this week’s royal news! Who knows maybe Pippa may pop onto to our Folksy shop to buy one for baby number 3!

A range of storks are avaliable on our Folksy site.

Fabric of The Week – Shirt Apron

Fabric of The Week

Got this idea from a charity shop find book “the shirt off his back by Juliet Bawden. This fabric is a Lanes husband’s shirt. And the transformation was quick and fun to do.


Simply cut from the collar down to below the sleeve on both sides then cut up the centre back.


The book suggested turning down a hem all round the cut edges but we decided to give it more of a pop by using red bias binding for the edges and yellow and red tape for the ties.

To read more here is a link to the book: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Shirt-off-his-Back-transforming/dp/1906417644

Happy Birthday Lewis Carroll!

Today is the birthday of the fabulous Lewis Carroll and so to celebrate I thought I’d show you this fabulous shopping bag that we made for a friend.

One side of the bag is decorated with a quote from Alice in Wonderland and a floating cat face — based on the Cheshire Cat of course! This side of the bag was made by printing off and then tracing the letters and cat details through the fabric. (We didn’t have a light box at this point so made our using a lamp bulb and a glass table!) I then used stem stitch and a Cotton a Broder thread to make the letters and cat stand out. (It also makes it a satisfying quick stitch – result!)

The other side of the bag was inspired by some awesome Alice in Wonderland button crafts I saw on Pinterest. The bag would have been too heavy to use all buttons and so I used a mix of cross stitch and buttons. I love the contrast of the blue and white and I think the difference textures of the cross stitch and buttons helps add to this. The black silhouette was coloured in with Sharpie.

This was a very enjoyable make as it combines many of my favourite techniques in one shopping bag!


Fabric of The Week 4 – Upcycled Pillow Case

Fabric of The Week

This fabric was never bought for crafting purposes – it was actually bought to be used as pillow cases! However when Lane always wanted to stitch on this fabric – to colour it in – and so when they were no longer used as pillow cases we jumped at the chance to craft with it!

2018-01-17 09.45.57

The first step in the process was to identify what where the best shapes and sizes to add the embroidery to. We then cut up the fabric into these shapes (we knew we would be making a glasses case, make up bags and money purses)

Then Lane did her magic and added detail to each item.

2018-01-17 10.24.44.jpg

The thread used is just standard six thread embroidery cotton. Lane has a stash of random threads that she has collected from different projects over the years (and also from charity shops!) and used them – identify which colours best suited each design. She also used a couple of different stitches, including stem stitch and cross stitch.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was then over to Givie to transform them into each item. Every item was lined with the same fabric and also had a zip put in – we loved the pop of colour of the red and orange zip!


They were really fun to stitch (if sometimes challenging due to the size and weight of the fabric) and it was fab to see them completed. It was nice to see something that we had thought of doing for so long finally came together – and came together so well!


These items are available to purchase on our Folksy store! https://folksy.com/shops/givielane

Wooden Spoon Puppet 1: Superhero

Wooden Spoon Puppet of the Month

It is funny what crafts you connect with – a chance conversation with my neice led me to make some wooden puppets for her (https://givielane.com/2017/09/29/wooden-spoon-puppets/) and it was a craft that I loved doing. I have since made a collection of wooden spoon puppets for more kids in our family and will often have a persuse on Pinterest of other ideas. This monlthy feature will give me an excuse to make some more puppets for “purely research purposes” (ahem!)

So without further ado – here is January’s puppet!

January Wooden Spoon Puppet

Thought a superhero was a good subject for January – it is the time of year when a lot of people make Resolutions and want to be the best they can. Also I love the imagery of superheroes and wanted to design my own one!

It was a fairly simple puppet to make. I usally paint onto the wood but this time I experimented a bit and used pens instead. (I was given a set of lovely Winsor and Newton Promarker pens for Christmas and wanted to use them!) The pens were a hit – it made it easier to add detail to the spoon and was also really quick to use.

The cape was made with a scrap of fabric we had and attached using elastic.


I also love how the grain of the wood adds texture to the hair!

So there is our first Wooden SPoon Puppet of the Month! Faster to make than a speeding bullet and more fun than Batman at a party, this is one puppet that would keep the Hulk calm and Spiderman hanging around!



Fabric of the Week 3 – Polka Dots

Fabric of The Week

This week we have not one fabric but four! They are all the same pattern – a lovely polka dot that is visually appealing – but four different colours. We wanted to see if the different colours changed the look and appeal of what we were making.

2017-12-19 10.16.21

This time the make was more challenging as it was something we had never made before and something that we didn’t really have a pattern for. (we used several sites on Internet for inspiration)

We were working on Corner Bookmarks!

2018-01-02 09.41.33

The slide show below shows the steps we took to design the book mark. We took a basic shape from a pattern for paper book marks and then, working out seam allowance, adapted it for fabric. However once we had made up our first prototype we realised that you didn’t need the two trianges – in fact it made it more bulky and harder to use. (the pages would get trapped between the two triangles)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We then used the plastic used in pelmets to thicken the bookmark to ensure that it would stay in place.

They were good fun to make – and also the colours don’t make that much difference to the overall look I am sure that you have a favourite!

Gx and Lx

PS Remember if you wish to own one of these lovely book marks come and visit our Folksy site!  https://folksy.com/shops/givielane

The Purr-fect Craft?

2017-10-07 20.12.05.jpg

As well as a lover of awful puns I love stripey socks and my cat, Harley. There are also odd occasions when I love a good clean out and this craft managed to bring all of these things together – how clawsome! (ger-oan!)

One Caterday (even I winced at that one) I sat and sorted out the mountain of odd socks that myself and Mr L seem to amass, I swear there are socks in that pile I don’t ever remember either of us wearing! (It’s a meowystery – too far? Too far) In the pile were four stripey monster socks.


Which I have loved since I bought them for Mr L, with the sole intention of stealing them and wearing them myself. (The original cat burglar – I know, not even trying now!)

I couldn’t throw them out and knew that Harley loved them as well as she always chased our feet when we were wearing them and so I thought I could turn them into cat toys.

The process was pretty simple.

  1. I cut each of them in half, discarding the bottom half of the sock (which I may have plans for!)
  2. I then used extra strong thread and did a running stitch round the bottom half of the sock (turning it inside out first). I then pulled that tight and secured it with several stitches. 2017-10-07 12.29.01.jpg
  3. I then stitched in a small bell (bought at Christmas time, because we knew we would have a use for them someday!) and turned the sock right way out. 2017-10-07 12.28.47
  4. I then layered stuffing and cat nip in much the same way as you would a lasagna!2017-10-07 12.32.29
  5. Finally I did another running stitch and gather at the top of the sock (Just below the rib part of the sock.) Again to secure it I did several stitches to secure it. Because I liked the idea of the monster having a beanie style hat I pulled down the rib.
  6. And then I gave  it to Harley, fully expecting in the way of fickle cats that she would walk on by and I would need to be fully purr-suasive (last one, promise) to get her to even look at them but no! She has played with them and even snuggled up to one during Fireworks Night.
  7. 2017-10-31 21.46.481-2-3 Awww,



Saw it on Pinterest, Tried it in real life part 1.

Pinterest, a crafter’s best and worst friend. A best friend because it will offer you advice, give you inspiration and will be there when you are bored. The worst? The Pinevny of seeing a beautiful craft/living room/recipe and wondering if you will ever get round to making it. 

There are, however, occasions when you DO get round to trying that Pin out and this will be the first in an occasional series looking at what happens when we do try a Pinterest craft out. 

We came across this awesome craft from: http://homemademodernblog.com/2015/03/denim-pocket-organizers-trend-alert.html 


love demin and knew this pocket idea would be the perfect way to get slightly more organised in my wee home office. 

The denim we used was from a favourite pair of Mr Lane’s and they had awesome pockets: a couple of bigger pockets and one that we could use with a smaller embroidery hoop. 

The most important thing is to keep the tension tight at the back of the embroidery hoop so that the pocket sits neatly at the front. 

Here is our version:


So would definitely say that this was a Pwin! 

Lane xx


2017-09-23 11.51.45Recently my auntie came down for a visit from Shetland. It always good to catch up with her, like us she is a craft-aholic and it was a visit full of swapping ideas, admiring crafts and sparking inspiration.

A good way to thank someone who loves crafts is to make them something – they appreciate why you have done it and will also let you go on about how you made it! She (and a group of crafting buddies) are going to start sellingtheir crafts at craft fairs and so we said thanks for visiting by making bunting for her stall!


2017-09-23 11.52.15 The name of the group is “Nort Vynd”.

The writing was done on an embrodiery machine – as was the wee flower and the piping was silver bias binding which helps makes the writing pop.

2017-09-23 11.52.47

There is something so tactile about this fabric and the coolness of the lettering really makes the navy stand out.

Now thinking what else we could use bunting for!