Lane: Why crafting matters to me

Hi I’m Lane, the daughter of this crafting partnership and I thought I would introduce myself and explain why crafting is such an important part of my life.

If I was cheesy…wait, why start this blog on a lie, I am cheesy! (I’ve never met a pun I don’t like!) I would say that crafting is part of my life, it is woven (#pun1) itself into my past memories, my present and my future plans. I don’t really remember a time where I didn’t sew, knit, glue or draw and it is my refuge when things get tough and I never get tired of that magic feeling of holding something that you have made for the first time. 

As I have already said crafting is part of my memories and is so strongly tied up in my memories of the strong and amazing women in my life. My gran was a knitter and once knitted me a full dress with a skirt that was so wide that I could spin around and feel like a ballerina, never once considering how many stitches my poor gran had to cast on! My auntie C is also a knitter and I love her cool and considered approach to colour and my auntie J is a joy to watch craft – I don’t think she has yet met a craft she doesn’t enjoy!

And there is Givie – my crafting genius of a mum! – she has always used her craft to make my life brighter, lovelier and just cooler. We have only ever fallen out once over a craft and maybe one day I will tell you the story of the purple woollen crochet tissue box holder. Let’s just say I can’t pick up a crochet hook without feeling that itchy, scratchy, UGLY purple wool between my fingers! I love seeing how the words “What about this…” can spark a light of inspiration between us and how both of us are more creative, exciting and just well…craftier together than apart.

I am looking forward to seeing where this blog takes us and what magic we come up with together!

Lane xx


One of my early projects – a cross stiched waistcoat of The Beatles!