Granpa Appletie

It is funny what we anchor our memories to – seemingly insignificant items can take on such meaning that you can’t bear to throw them out and yet don’t want them to languish in the back of a drawer or shoved into a neglected memory box.

We first worked on this idea when my granpa died and we were left with all his ties, ties that symbolized my granpa at his best; strong, determined and always having the right tie for the right occasion. We selected ties that suited each member of the family and Givie gave me the responsibility to sew them up. So the ties not only, for me, represent the love that I had for my granpa but also for each member of the family that I slowly (with tongue sticking out!) made the appletie for.

We never sit on an idea though and always look for ways we can use a craft again and again and my dad has recently stopped working at a teacher and so Givie has worked her sewing magic to make an appletie from his school tie. Which made us wonder are there more ties laden with memories just waiting to be reborn into appleties?

Lane xx

Pictures of the Abronhill High Tie – made by Givie for Mr Givie!