Fabric of The Week 19 – Upcycled Shirts

Fabric of The Week

This is one of our favourite projects and something we love doing as we love an upcycling project! This turns unloved shirts into useful and fun Pongoes!

The designing of the Pongoes was great fun – we sketched designs (basically just taking our pencils for a walk) and then used that pattern to make them up.

The making was also fairly simple – cut out two identical shapes and stich a mouth (using the machine and a range of stitches!) and sew round, leaving a hole for stuffing. The inside of the Pongoes is carbon and it is designed to soak up any smells at the bottom of your shoe!

The eyes are different buttons and I love the vintage gold and navy buttons best!

As ever these are avaliable for sale on our Folksy shop!


Fabric of The Week – Stork

Fabric of The Week

This weeks fabric of the week has a very sentimental attachment. Not only is it upcycled from one of Lane’s favourite dresses ever (had to be upcycled cos it got ripped) it was also the first fabric we used when we decided to set up Givielane and used it as part of a diary cover.

2017-12-19 10.17.18

Our lovely Stork is meant as a gift for a new arrival, to be hung in the nursery. Givie has made a lot of these as a unique gift personalising them with the baby’s name. The name is embrodiered on using a Brother sewing machine.

We particularly love the dangly legs with the big felt feet and that dotty beak. ALthough the patter and colours may not be what we traditionally associate with a nursery there is something clean and fresh about the flowers and the colours are bold and appealing

We thought this was a particularly relevant make for this week’s royal news! Who knows maybe Pippa may pop onto to our Folksy shop to buy one for baby number 3!

A range of storks are avaliable on our Folksy site.

Fabric of The Week 15 – Sari Scrunchies


Fabric of The WeekThis is a craft that Givie has perfected over the years from when Lane was little and had long hair.

It started with making scrunchies to match the dresses but was so easy to do any spare fabric was used up.

This one started with a bundle of Indian Sari silk. The range of beautiful colours were just calling out to be made into a bundle of scrunchies.

So easy to do, cut a bundle of long strips at least 20” or 50cms long and any width you choose. Then fold in half lengthways R.S together and stitch down the length. Then turn through to the right side.


  Cut a length of elastic at least 6” or 15cms long. Thread through the fabric Don’t forget to keep hold of the end of the elastic then pin two ends  together and stitch firmly by hand or machine.


Then match up the ends of the fabric fold a hem down on one and stitch them together by hand or machine


A bundle of these will be available from our Folksy shop.

Fabric off the Week 14 – Scissor Fabric

Fabric of The Week

This black and white fabric featuring scissors just had to be used for a sewing accessory of some kind. Picked this up as a remnant in Mandors in Glasgow.

2017-12-19 10.18.51

Thought we should look at making something that ironed out the wee annoying things about sewing -like what to do with pins you remove from fabric while stitching and those threads you cut off – not to mention the problem of losing your scissors as soon as you put them down. So this week it is three for the price of one. After the tea and discussions this is what we came up with…

  1. Scissor holder for all three pairs of scissors. This seemed quite obvious really make a pattern where the fabric folds back on itself to make each pocket. We used iron on fleece to make it more durable and one of our previous fabric of the week pieces that lovely yellow polka dot from Cotton print in Glasgow. Phots below show how it was made -Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
  2. Our scissor holster for the small scissors used frequently for thread cutting. Same fabrics – same style – but just for one pocket and this time we added a clip you can attach to the edge of your clothing and just like a real holster you can close  over the top of the case when you are not using the scissors. See photos below.
  3. Most proud of this solution our combined thread catcher and pin cushion to attach to your machine. This was the one that took a bit of trial and error and problem solving. The pin cushion was a bit fiddly to make but we wanted the shape just right. Hope you agree it is the ideal gift for an ardent sewer. Already have one on the machine it works a treat.

All these items are available on our folksy shop.

Fabric of The Week 13 – NSFW!

Fabric of The Week

This week’s fabric is this amazingly colourful tartan fabric – we have used it for lots of projects and knew this was a definite when we came up with this project.

2017-12-19 09.40.59

This is what is know as a gallus fabric and so we knew that we had to do something equally gallus! 2018-02-23 13.56.37

We decided to follow the trend that is EVERYWHERE in embroidery-land (just next to Crochet Island!) and do a swear-y post. However we didn’t want to do normal swear words we wanted to celebrate the sheer joy and exuberance of Scottish swear words.

2018-02-23 13.58.34.jpg

The make was an easy and fun one to do. The embroidered words were on white fabric (sold as black-out fabric for blinds, but it so lovely and soft to sew on!) We printed out the words – having great fun picking out what word exactly to use! – and then stitched them using cotton a broder thread. The thick thread makes it a quick stitch but also makes the lettering really pop. It was then attached to the tartan fabric using a thick black buttonhole stitch to mimic the lines of a speech bubble.

We then gathered the fabric at the back and then covered it with white fabric, with a small hook so that you can hang it up for the world to see!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We already planning the next set of sweary words!

Fabric of The Week 12 – Liberty Print Fabrics

Fabric of The Week

This week’s project was inspired by the fabric (Rather than having a pattern or idea that was looking for the right fabric!) This is gorgeous vintage Liberty fabric.

2017-12-19 10.13.14

The colours are so vibrant and colourful and really sing. Givie is a MASSIVE fan of scarfs and has always wanted to create infinity scarfs and so that is what we did.

This was a quick make – scarves cut to size -long enough to go round the neck twice and wide enough to make a statement and comfortable to wear. The fabric was placed right sides together folding it so that the long edge could be stitched together. It was then turned outside in and the seam ironed flat. One short end had a hem turned down and pressed, the other short end was placed inside to complete a circle. The two were then stitched together to make the “infinity scarf”


Scarfs are avaliable to buy on our Folksy site

Fabric of The Week 11 – Shake, Rattle and Roll

Fabric of The Week

With a fabric as pastely and cute as this – what else could you make but a baby product!

2017-12-19 09.59.43

We were inspired by a make from this blog: http://www.makeit-loveit.com

The rattle inside was purchased from Amazon and we combined a few different patterns to add our unique take on this rattle idea. The head of the rabbit came from a toy rabbit pattern and helped created the rabbit nose and ears on our rattle.

The white is a simple cotton and compliments the letter fabric beautifully. The face of the rabbit was hand stitched and helps add detail to this project. It was fun combining different patterns and our favourite part of the project is definelty the long floppy ears!

If, like us, you have fallen in love with these rabbit rattles then you can purchase them from our Folksy shop!

Fabric of The Week 10 – Ditzy Flowers 1

Fabric of The Week

We came across this fab fabric project and knew we wanted to try it! http://emmalinebags.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/how-to-make-key-fob-lip-balm-holder.html


This fabric was perfect because a) it is so pretty and b) we only had a small amount and so it had to be a small project! We adapted the pattern from the link above, mainly to suit our sewing style and the fact that we had different keyrings than the ones above.

Here is how we made it.


It was an enjoyable challenge because you were working with small pieces of fabric so that meant that there was little wastage and it is always good to get your brain thinking when crafting! The fiddly nature of the project was also the most challenging aspect of this craft!

Here are the finished products – all available to buy from our Folksy shop!



Fabric of The Week 9 – New York, Baby!

Fabric of The Week

I have always loved New York and the imagery and romance of the city streets. There is something so appealing about the busy city streets, tall building and the pop of yellow of a New York Taxi cab that sings to me. So this fabric of the week really was a no brainer.



A fabric so richly detailed needs a simple design and so we made a simple cushion with this one!

By featuring the yellow taxi in the front of the cushion it really makes your eye be drawn to the cusion and design. The muted greys means that this cushion could be a real feature in any room.


As much as I would love to keep this it is for sale in our Folksy shop!

Fabric of The Week 8 – Time for Tea!

Fabric of The Week


This fabric features one of my favourite things – cups of tea! (or coffee, but in my head they are all full of delicious tea!) We purchased this fabric from our favourite fabric shop – The Cotton Print Factory Shop (http://cottonprintglasgow.co.uk/) which always has plenty of fabric to tempt us into adding to our fabric stash!

We love the 1950’s vibe of this fabric and I can always picture Audrey Hepburn or Doris Day having this print in the set of one of their films!Because the cups are so big you have to be careful what you use it for. We have used it for a journal cover before:

2017-05-05 10.22.34

But for the fabric of the week craft we wanted to use the fabric as a whole so we decided to make plastic bag holders for your kitchen or laundry room.

The tube has elastic at the bottom to hold the plastic bags in place and you simply pull one out each time you need one. At the top of the bag is a hook so you can hang it up and is open at the top so you can just shove the bags in when you get them.

This is a practical and useful product that will help you cut down on your plastic waste and reuse those plastic bags.

There are two of these fantastic bag holders available on our Folksy site! https://folksy.com/shops/givielane