Fabric of The Week 19 – Upcycled Shirts

Fabric of The Week

This is one of our favourite projects and something we love doing as we love an upcycling project! This turns unloved shirts into useful and fun Pongoes!

The designing of the Pongoes was great fun – we sketched designs (basically just taking our pencils for a walk) and then used that pattern to make them up.

The making was also fairly simple – cut out two identical shapes and stich a mouth (using the machine and a range of stitches!) and sew round, leaving a hole for stuffing. The inside of the Pongoes is carbon and it is designed to soak up any smells at the bottom of your shoe!

The eyes are different buttons and I love the vintage gold and navy buttons best!

As ever these are avaliable for sale on our Folksy shop!


Fabric of The Week; Jewellery Roll

Fabric of The Week

You know that we both love nothing more than upcyling a hidden treasure found in a charity shop and this week’s fabric of the week is a prime example of that. This was a size ten top – which was a good thing because it meant it definitely would not end up in one of our wardrobes – and we both fell in love with the gorgeous colour and pattern

It is May at last and with the daffodils dancing in the breeze and some hints of sunshine thoughts always turn to holiday weekends and going away. This project was inspired by the question – “just how to store all your jewellery when travelling.” This tropical bird design and bold colour combinations just seemed like the perfect pattern for a roll that is an easy and fun way to store all your holiday jewellery!

jewelery roll 1

This jewellery roll is a combination of many ideas we found on Pinterest. All the good ideas rolled into one if you pardon the pun.

1 large pocket for that chunky jewellery.

2 smaller pockets or strictly speaking 1 large pocket divided into two for the smaller items

And the ‘pies de resistance’  the bar that holds both rings and pierced earrings the little things that can get lost.

Also to wrap it all up two brightly coloured ties to match the pink binding that binds it all together.

So there you have it; fun, colourful and practical – what more could you ask for?