Fabric of The Week 15 – Sari Scrunchies


Fabric of The WeekThis is a craft that Givie has perfected over the years from when Lane was little and had long hair.

It started with making scrunchies to match the dresses but was so easy to do any spare fabric was used up.

This one started with a bundle of Indian Sari silk. The range of beautiful colours were just calling out to be made into a bundle of scrunchies.

So easy to do, cut a bundle of long strips at least 20” or 50cms long and any width you choose. Then fold in half lengthways R.S together and stitch down the length. Then turn through to the right side.


  Cut a length of elastic at least 6” or 15cms long. Thread through the fabric Don’t forget to keep hold of the end of the elastic then pin two ends  together and stitch firmly by hand or machine.


Then match up the ends of the fabric fold a hem down on one and stitch them together by hand or machine


A bundle of these will be available from our Folksy shop.

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