Fabric of The Week – Stork

Fabric of The Week

This weeks fabric of the week has a very sentimental attachment. Not only is it upcycled from one of Lane’s favourite dresses ever (had to be upcycled cos it got ripped) it was also the first fabric we used when we decided to set up Givielane and used it as part of a diary cover.

2017-12-19 10.17.18

Our lovely Stork is meant as a gift for a new arrival, to be hung in the nursery. Givie has made a lot of these as a unique gift personalising them with the baby’s name. The name is embrodiered on using a Brother sewing machine.

We particularly love the dangly legs with the big felt feet and that dotty beak. ALthough the patter and colours may not be what we traditionally associate with a nursery there is something clean and fresh about the flowers and the colours are bold and appealing

We thought this was a particularly relevant make for this week’s royal news! Who knows maybe Pippa may pop onto to our Folksy shop to buy one for baby number 3!

A range of storks are avaliable on our Folksy site.

Fabric of The Week – Shirt Apron

Fabric of The Week

Got this idea from a charity shop find book “the shirt off his back by Juliet Bawden. This fabric is a Lanes husband’s shirt. And the transformation was quick and fun to do.


Simply cut from the collar down to below the sleeve on both sides then cut up the centre back.


The book suggested turning down a hem all round the cut edges but we decided to give it more of a pop by using red bias binding for the edges and yellow and red tape for the ties.

To read more here is a link to the book: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Shirt-off-his-Back-transforming/dp/1906417644

Fabric of The Week 15 – Sari Scrunchies


Fabric of The WeekThis is a craft that Givie has perfected over the years from when Lane was little and had long hair.

It started with making scrunchies to match the dresses but was so easy to do any spare fabric was used up.

This one started with a bundle of Indian Sari silk. The range of beautiful colours were just calling out to be made into a bundle of scrunchies.

So easy to do, cut a bundle of long strips at least 20” or 50cms long and any width you choose. Then fold in half lengthways R.S together and stitch down the length. Then turn through to the right side.


  Cut a length of elastic at least 6” or 15cms long. Thread through the fabric Don’t forget to keep hold of the end of the elastic then pin two ends  together and stitch firmly by hand or machine.


Then match up the ends of the fabric fold a hem down on one and stitch them together by hand or machine


A bundle of these will be available from our Folksy shop.

Fabric off the Week 14 – Scissor Fabric

Fabric of The Week

This black and white fabric featuring scissors just had to be used for a sewing accessory of some kind. Picked this up as a remnant in Mandors in Glasgow.

2017-12-19 10.18.51

Thought we should look at making something that ironed out the wee annoying things about sewing -like what to do with pins you remove from fabric while stitching and those threads you cut off – not to mention the problem of losing your scissors as soon as you put them down. So this week it is three for the price of one. After the tea and discussions this is what we came up with…

  1. Scissor holder for all three pairs of scissors. This seemed quite obvious really make a pattern where the fabric folds back on itself to make each pocket. We used iron on fleece to make it more durable and one of our previous fabric of the week pieces that lovely yellow polka dot from Cotton print in Glasgow. Phots below show how it was made -Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
  2. Our scissor holster for the small scissors used frequently for thread cutting. Same fabrics – same style – but just for one pocket and this time we added a clip you can attach to the edge of your clothing and just like a real holster you can close  over the top of the case when you are not using the scissors. See photos below.
  3. Most proud of this solution our combined thread catcher and pin cushion to attach to your machine. This was the one that took a bit of trial and error and problem solving. The pin cushion was a bit fiddly to make but we wanted the shape just right. Hope you agree it is the ideal gift for an ardent sewer. Already have one on the machine it works a treat.

All these items are available on our folksy shop.