Woord Spoon Puppet 2: Three Little Pigs

Wooden Spoon Puppet of the Month


This month’s wooden spoon puppets is inspired by National Storytelling Week (https://www.sfs.org.uk/national-storytelling-week) and my love of stories. This month’s wooden spoon puppets are The Three Pigs (but no wolf – will explain later!)



I landed lucky with the paints for this make — I was looking for poster paint, which I have used before, but couldn’t find the right colours. Luckily I found acrylic paints which actually painted much better and were a beautiful perfect pig pink!

2018-02-18 15.01.58


After that it was a simple make – I used pink buttons done for the nose and googly eyes. The mouth and ears were drawn with felt tip.


The wolf was another, less successful story! I struggled with how to draw the face and I don’t feel that the brown really worked – I should have gone with grey! That’s one of the benefits/challenges of crafting, sometimes it just doesn’t work!

Do love those cute wee pigs though!


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