Wooden Spoon Puppet 1: Superhero

Wooden Spoon Puppet of the Month

It is funny what crafts you connect with – a chance conversation with my neice led me to make some wooden puppets for her (https://givielane.com/2017/09/29/wooden-spoon-puppets/) and it was a craft that I loved doing. I have since made a collection of wooden spoon puppets for more kids in our family and will often have a persuse on Pinterest of other ideas. This monlthy feature will give me an excuse to make some more puppets for “purely research purposes” (ahem!)

So without further ado – here is January’s puppet!

January Wooden Spoon Puppet

Thought a superhero was a good subject for January – it is the time of year when a lot of people make Resolutions and want to be the best they can. Also I love the imagery of superheroes and wanted to design my own one!

It was a fairly simple puppet to make. I usally paint onto the wood but this time I experimented a bit and used pens instead. (I was given a set of lovely Winsor and Newton Promarker pens for Christmas and wanted to use them!) The pens were a hit – it made it easier to add detail to the spoon and was also really quick to use.

The cape was made with a scrap of fabric we had and attached using elastic.


I also love how the grain of the wood adds texture to the hair!

So there is our first Wooden SPoon Puppet of the Month! Faster to make than a speeding bullet and more fun than Batman at a party, this is one puppet that would keep the Hulk calm and Spiderman hanging around!



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