The Purr-fect Craft?

2017-10-07 20.12.05.jpg

As well as a lover of awful puns I love stripey socks and my cat, Harley. There are also odd occasions when I love a good clean out and this craft managed to bring all of these things together – how clawsome! (ger-oan!)

One Caterday (even I winced at that one) I sat and sorted out the mountain of odd socks that myself and Mr L seem to amass, I swear there are socks in that pile I don’t ever remember either of us wearing! (It’s a meowystery – too far? Too far) In the pile were four stripey monster socks.


Which I have loved since I bought them for Mr L, with the sole intention of stealing them and wearing them myself. (The original cat burglar – I know, not even trying now!)

I couldn’t throw them out and knew that Harley loved them as well as she always chased our feet when we were wearing them and so I thought I could turn them into cat toys.

The process was pretty simple.

  1. I cut each of them in half, discarding the bottom half of the sock (which I may have plans for!)
  2. I then used extra strong thread and did a running stitch round the bottom half of the sock (turning it inside out first). I then pulled that tight and secured it with several stitches. 2017-10-07 12.29.01.jpg
  3. I then stitched in a small bell (bought at Christmas time, because we knew we would have a use for them someday!) and turned the sock right way out. 2017-10-07 12.28.47
  4. I then layered stuffing and cat nip in much the same way as you would a lasagna!2017-10-07 12.32.29
  5. Finally I did another running stitch and gather at the top of the sock (Just below the rib part of the sock.) Again to secure it I did several stitches to secure it. Because I liked the idea of the monster having a beanie style hat I pulled down the rib.
  6. And then I gave  it to Harley, fully expecting in the way of fickle cats that she would walk on by and I would need to be fully purr-suasive (last one, promise) to get her to even look at them but no! She has played with them and even snuggled up to one during Fireworks Night.
  7. 2017-10-31 21.46.481-2-3 Awww,