2017-09-23 11.51.45Recently my auntie came down for a visit from Shetland. It always good to catch up with her, like us she is a craft-aholic and it was a visit full of swapping ideas, admiring crafts and sparking inspiration.

A good way to thank someone who loves crafts is to make them something – they appreciate why you have done it and will also let you go on about how you made it! She (and a group of crafting buddies) are going to start sellingtheir crafts at craft fairs and so we said thanks for visiting by making bunting for her stall!


2017-09-23 11.52.15 The name of the group is “Nort Vynd”.

The writing was done on an embrodiery machine – as was the wee flower and the piping was silver bias binding which helps makes the writing pop.

2017-09-23 11.52.47

There is something so tactile about this fabric and the coolness of the lettering really makes the navy stand out.

Now thinking what else we could use bunting for!


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