Saw it on Pinterest, Tried it in real life part 1.

Pinterest, a crafter’s best and worst friend. A best friend because it will offer you advice, give you inspiration and will be there when you are bored. The worst? The Pinevny of seeing a beautiful craft/living room/recipe and wondering if you will ever get round to making it. 

There are, however, occasions when you DO get round to trying that Pin out and this will be the first in an occasional series looking at what happens when we do try a Pinterest craft out. 

We came across this awesome craft from: 


love demin and knew this pocket idea would be the perfect way to get slightly more organised in my wee home office. 

The denim we used was from a favourite pair of Mr Lane’s and they had awesome pockets: a couple of bigger pockets and one that we could use with a smaller embroidery hoop. 

The most important thing is to keep the tension tight at the back of the embroidery hoop so that the pocket sits neatly at the front. 

Here is our version:


So would definitely say that this was a Pwin! 

Lane xx


2017-09-23 11.51.45Recently my auntie came down for a visit from Shetland. It always good to catch up with her, like us she is a craft-aholic and it was a visit full of swapping ideas, admiring crafts and sparking inspiration.

A good way to thank someone who loves crafts is to make them something – they appreciate why you have done it and will also let you go on about how you made it! She (and a group of crafting buddies) are going to start sellingtheir crafts at craft fairs and so we said thanks for visiting by making bunting for her stall!


2017-09-23 11.52.15 The name of the group is “Nort Vynd”.

The writing was done on an embrodiery machine – as was the wee flower and the piping was silver bias binding which helps makes the writing pop.

2017-09-23 11.52.47

There is something so tactile about this fabric and the coolness of the lettering really makes the navy stand out.

Now thinking what else we could use bunting for!