Wooden Spoon Puppets

To be honest I always thought that the most fun you could have with a wooden spoon was licking cake mixture off them. Who knew the world of fun you can have making wooden spoon puppets! 20170718_073229.jpg

These wooden spoons came from Asda and were a budget-saving 50p each! I know this may sound like a funny thing to rave about but they were lovely to work with, smooth and a lovely shape.

Each spoon used various materials and I used a lot of insprialtion from Pinterest – the crafters one stop shop for ideas!

The Witch – Painted green (with poster paint from Hobbycraft) with electricans’ tape for the body (bought from the pound shop – a whole stack of colours and each tape had enough to do two/three spoons) and foam for the dress and hat. They are easy to make, you simply cut two of the same shape and glue the pieces that meet – this holds them in place.  And pipe cleaner arms (here is question, do people actually use pipe cleaners to clean anymore or any they only used for crafting?)

The Monster – Painted pink and then decorated with googly eyes and pipecleaners. I glued the pipe cleaners in place so that they didn’t move when playing with them.

The Ninja – A personal favourite! Used electricans’ tape for the whole thing. Used the white first for the eyes and then wound the black tape up the handle of the spoon and then lengths of tape for the spoon part. It takes some concentration to make sure that the tape sticks on the bend of the spoon but well worth it!

The Tiger – Painted orange with poster paint and then I used a Sharpie to draw the stripes on.

The Pirate – Was nervous making this one incase i had to walk the plank if I messed up! Again it is mostly made from tape – the dotty fabric was from a pack from the pound shop – sticky on one side so it made it very easy to use. Beard was made with Sharpie.

The Mummy – Bandages wound tightly and stuck on with glue.

The Ghost – Simply painted white (took a few coats!) and then face drawn on with Sharpie.

The Snake – Again electiran’s tape – covered it all in green and then cut and stuck to add detail. Especialy love the tongue which is made out of red foam.

The Lion – Very quick make but rawrsome! Paint spoon yellow and then cut out two manes to stick together – you just have to remember to cut a hole in one of them for the face to show through!

The Dragon – Once made 30 of these for Beavers to make up so making this one up brought back happy memories! Again a simple make of paint and foam – paint the dragon and then cut out foam wings and fire and stick on.

What was even cooler was making wooden spoons with my neice. It was fun to see her ideas transform from in her head to the actual spoons.

May I introduce Princess Fartalotti and Prince Stupido! (and another monster for them to vanquish!) I especially like the beard on the prince as it shows how effective foam can be.

So if I ever visit your house and your wooden spoons disappear you know I will be turning them into something really cool!

Lane xx


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