Mermaid Swimming Bag


This lovely mermaid bag is for a Christmas present and was a joint project between Givie (maker of bag) and Lane (mermaid drawer and crystal sewing queen!)

The bag itself is upcycled/adapted from a bag used to protect shoes and meant that we didn’t have to make the cord and some of the seams were already made….result! 

We started with a drawing of a mermaid – drawn by Lane. This also allowed us to work out how many beads and crystals we would need for the tail. 

Then using vintage carbon paper (discovered in an old sewing box bought online) we carefully traced out the pattern onto the fabric.

Then using Sharpies we coloured in the body and hair. This is the first time we have used Sharpies on our crafts but were pleased with the results. You just have to be careful about bleeding into the fabric – but found that vertical strokes of the pen helped cut this out.

2017-09-09 11.55.47

Then came the fun part the embellishments using metallic thread and crystals to decorate the mermaid. Once I had got used to the fiddly nature of the crystals (I only swore a few times!) it was actually fun, like a sparkly jigsaw! I used satin stitch for the top of the mermaid tail and cross stitch for the top and fin. Metallic thread is definitely a challenging sew – I always find it snags and bunches unless you are careful but think the end effect was worth it!

Then all that was left was passing it to Givie to finish up the final bag.


A very enjoyable project – and one that we would both do again! (even with the metallic thread)

Lane x

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